The EWP Stories Video Series – Part 1 – Episode 1

Expanded Worldwide Planning: Insures: PRIVACY – 1

Welcome! Here we begin a new series of stories to dramatize the six principles of Expanded Worldwide Planning, or EWP for short. This story will teach you how an EWP asset structure could have prevented the kidnapping of the journalist daughter of a billionaire Mexican-American businessman.

For many wealthy Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans privacy protection is a life and death issue. This story dramatizes the struggle between wealthy families and organized crime cartels. What unfolds in our dramatic story is a testimony to why you need to protect your own assets with an EWP Asset Structure.


The hot, dry night air seemed to smother the sleek, six passenger Cessna Citation XLS jet. The plane had just touched down on the tarmac of this isolated runway. Next to the gleaming white jet was a gigantic windowless warehouse. The eerie, yellow lights that protruded from the warehouse turned the body of the private jet the color of an overripe mango fruit.

As he emerged from the plane, Carlos Gutierrez felt the skin on his face tighten from the baking heat of the desert. He walked briskly to the newly completed warehouse and his cell phone rang.

He usually did not answer calls from unrecognized numbers, but he was expecting a call from his daughter, Lucinda.

“Hello,” he said. The voice on the other end was strangely familiar.

“Juan, is that you?”

“Yes.” said the now unmistakable voice of his best university friend. The voice was indeed Juan’s, but it had none of the joy and conviviality that he associated with it from university days.

“Carlos, we have your daughter, Lucinda.”

“What? I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Carlos, I now do the finances for one of the cartels that Lucinda wrote about in her article. We want ten million dollars for her release. We will not compromise. We want the money now. We will give you 48 hours to deliver it, and, if we don’t receive it, we will be forced to do other things to your beautiful daughter. I will call you in three hours.”

The line went dead.



Our story continues in Part Two, where we will learn more about the university friendship of Carlos Guitterez and Juan, and how Carlos went on to become a billionaire with his sophisticated electronic components for medical devices. Most importantly, you will discover the tremendous value of having an EWP Asset Structure protect your own privacy.

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by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.

CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

Michael Malloy-CLU-TEP