The EWP Stories Video Series – Part 1 – Episode 2

Expanded Worldwide Planning: Insures: PRIVACY – 2

Welcome. The topic of our story is Privacy. You gain an immediate understanding of Privacy when you are deprived of it. What better example of this than the personal violation that you experience when someone you dearly love is kidnapped? In Part 2 of our story, we learn more of the emotional trauma that Carlos Gutierrez experiences when his daughter Lucinda is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.

Privacy is one of the six principles of Expanded Worldwide Planning, or EWP for short. When assets are placed into a properly constructed Private Placement Life Insurance policy they are re-titled in the name of the insurance company. This is similar to the re-titling of real estate when it is transferred to another entity like an LLC. This has the effect of removing these assets from the prying eyes of those who seek to harm you, like the drug cartel in our story.


Carlos weaved to the door of the warehouse, followed closely by his pilot. Carlos fumbled with the key and finally opened the door to the office warehouse. His long-time pilot also functioned as confidant and body guard, so he told him in Spanish what just occurred.

Carlos was educated mostly in the United States, having received a masters degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University in New York. But English was his second language. Like all of us in times of emotional turmoil, he sought some comfort. Presently the only solace available was to speak his native language.

The plight of his daughter was beyond devastating, but the next step he knew was only a phone call away. He would call his insurance broker. Carlos had purchased Kidnap and Ransom insurance for his family, since the Mexican drug cartels had recently moved into his native Michoacan state, seeking to legitimize their sources of income by terrorizing the local avocado growers. By means of intimidation and violence, they sought access to this lucrative agricultural industry. His family were third generation avocado growers.

What put Carlos into a state of emotional delirium was hearing the voice of Juan, his best friend at Columbia University. Juan had been a model student, an honor student like Carlos, and a kind and generous person. His involvement in his daughter’s kidnapping seemed preposterous. He would not have believed it, if it weren’t for hearing his voice.

Carlos was meticulous in his financial affairs. His company had the ability to assemble the most advanced and sophisticated electronic components. He had become a billionaire in his early 40s through his design of innovative electronics for medical devices. He abided by the aw, both in Mexico and the U.S. Carlos was proud to be a citizen of both the U.S. and Mexico, even though it cost him financially to do so.

The last time Carlos had been with Juan was after college at his family farm outside the city of Uruapan. They had climbed onto one of the old avocado trees, to drink beer together and eat avocados. They were looking forward to launching their careers after college. He remembered the solid branches supporting them, the ripe avocados at their fingertips, with the dappled sunlight making the tree a private world of their own. He remembered the light being soft and multicolored like the light coming through stained glass in a church. They exuberantly discussed their prospects. Joining a drug cartel was definitely not on their list of future possibilities.



In our next episode, the scene shifts location to Mexico City where we learn how the same drug cartel that has kidnapped Carlos’s daughter, Lucinda, has bribed an official of the Mexican tax authority in order to publicly destroy the reputation of Carlos.

We will learn how this could have been avoided, had Carlos used a properly structured PPLI policy. The information that was obtained by bribing an official of the tax authority, would not have been available had Carlos used an EWP structure. All his assets would have been put in the name of an insurance company, thus, shielded from the illegal activities of the drug cartel.

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by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.

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