Video Series – 4 Essential Minutes on PPLI – 3

Four Essential Minutes on PPLI

Video 3: Q&A

Our most sophisticated clients ask penetrating and very relevant questions. The three best questions that we have been asked over the years about EWP Structures are:

Is it legal?

Can they steel my money?

Will I be audited?

Here are the answers to the first two questions.

Is it legal?

This is not the entry to an EWP asset structure.

Is it legal? It seems every few months that there is another revelation of a tax dodger using offshore accounts to avoid U.S. taxes. Here is a recent newspaper headline: “The IRS Reals in a Whale of an Offshore Tax Cheat—and Goes for Another.”

Is an EWP Structure just another one of these schemes? Our EWP Structures have existed since the early 1990s with no issues of any kind either from the IRS or the families who have employed these asset structures.

Can they steal my money?

These menacing robbers won’t steal your money.

Can they steal my money? The answer is, “No.” Why is this so? Because all your assets are held in separate accounts by a trustee. This is a similar arrangement to having a trust account at a bank. The bank becomes the trustee of the asset, but ownership does not change hands—you retain ownership of all the assets held in an EWP Structure.

Wikipedia’s article on International Tax Planning features the six principles of Expanded Worldwide Planning, or EWP for short. EWP Financial embraces these six principles in designing its asset structures.


Asset Protection

Tax Shield

Succession Planning

Compliance Simplifier

Trust Substitute.

The United Nations Global Compact embraces another six principles that are pertinent to EWP Financial. They are the six Principles for Responsible Management Education.

Next we have some short segments that enact these six principles in a poetical form.







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In our next video we will give you insightful knowledge on the six principles of EWP as Wikipedia presents them in their International Tax Planning article. This knowledge is absolutely essential for the asset structures of any wealthy family. We will also answer the question: Will I be audited?

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by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.

CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

Michael Malloy-CLU-TEP